2010 NBA Champions: L.A. Thrills and Wins Indelible Classic

It’s almost titillating when a town embraces the top franchise in Hollywood, living in a town accustomed to winning championships, a triumphant ritual happening in a diverse community that assembles as a unified atmosphere, once the Los Angeles Lakers captures greatness and takes in euphoria.

Suddenly, the ideal ending came in a low-scoring Game 7, but a memorable showdown among two of the most hated rivals in sports as the purple and gold confetti fell, the team’s anthem was heard and the Lakers celebrated another glorious moment at home.

It’s a town famous for watching championship banners rise to the rafters, gazing at the sky to witness the purple and gold confetti fall from the ceilings, and now observed Kobe Bryant jump on the scorer’s table, shaking his fists and extended five fingers advertising that he won his fifth ring after the Lakers clinched its second straight championship.

“I just got one more than Shaq,” Bryant said after he won his fifth championship. “You can take that to the bank. You know how I am. I don’t forget anything.”

Thereafter, he leaped off the scorer’s table to meet and shake hands with Boston’s legendary Hall of Fame center Bill Russell, mostly smiling without revealing his frighten and intimidating scowl.

In the finest moment, a historic time in the existence of the Lakers, they were overjoyed and rejoiced as a team, releasing dismay and agony after a doleful 39-point loss in a distraught Game 6 at Boston two years ago.

At last, he’s not furious or has a bitter aftertaste about the Celtics, never erasing the memories of a depressing defeat that obliterated aspiration last time these two teams encountered a showdown.

Finally, the Lakers experienced heartfelt emotions, shedding tears of joy and uncontrollably jubilated in front of a boisterous crowd of non-celebs and cele...

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