2010 ESPY Awards: Categories, Nominees, Winners, and Analysis

In today's society, it appears as if most of us are interested in a fantasy world—whether that be tracking down our beloved celebrity "role models" on Twitter or anticipating what happens on the latest reality TV show. Another manner in which we seem to be idly intrigued by are annual award shows such as the Grammys or Academy Awards. For those of us that aren't exactly interested in what the best contemporary folk album was, we're not of out luck. The world of sports has its own award show called the ESPYs. For those of you that aren't familiar with the event, it is a ceremony that features the world's best athletes and awards them for their achievements. Similar to any other award show, there are several categories that fans can vote for. This year, I decided to place my vote, and here are my predictions on who will win.Begin Slideshow


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