2010-2011 Shannon Brown: Healthy and More Confident Than Ever

One of the bright spots for the Lakers during the exhibition season has been the play of Shannon Brown. The shooting guard is averaging nearly 11 points a game, in 22 minutes. In addition to his stellar numbers, Brown has also looked more confident and comfortable on the court.

In the middle of last season, the Michigan State alum started seven games in place of Kobe Bryant, who was resting nagging injuries. During that seven game stretch, Brown did a stellar jog stepping in for the black mamba, including a career high 27 points against the Golden State Warriors. However, after Bryant returned, Brown's consistency faltered, as he suffered a thumb injury that limited him the rest of the season and into the playoffs.

While Brown remained a mainstay in the rotation, in route to the Lakers winning back to back championships, fans and coaches  felt he did not live up to expectations So far, five games into the exhibition season, it seems as though Brown has hit the stride he found during the middle of last season. While a newly healed thumb has a lot to do with it, there are other factors making Brown feel more confident as he begins his second full season with the Lakers.


Brown feels wanted by the Lakers: The team made it clear this summer they wanted to keep Brown in a Laker uniform. Many fans believed Brown could possibly sign with a lesser team for more money. Brown was coveted by the Knicks and the Cavaliers for a good part of the summer, but he ended up taking a two year offer from the Lakers. After the deal was signed, both the Lakers and Brown expressed their loyalty and gratitude towards one another.

Being coveted by the lowly Knicks and the Lebron-less Cavs is one thing, being wanted back by the back to back champs is another story. Being wanted by the Lakers is likely to boost the confidence of most superstars, more or less a role player like Brown.


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