2010-2011 NBA Preseason: Lakers Lose to FC Barcelona, Should LA Fans Panic?

Or course not. The Lakers lost an exhibition game to a Euroleague team today. This victory for Barcelona marks just the fifth time a European team has knocked off an NBA team since 2005. What is significant about this particular game is that the two-time reigning world champions were the losers.

Los Angeles struggled mightily from the field, going 29 for 85 (including 0 for 14 from three-point range). Their inability to hit open outside shots plagued them throughout the 2009-2010 season and it looks as though they may still be dealing with that issue.

This is a problem that could haunt them if they are forced to play against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals this year. The Heat have a very athletic defense that will like to gamble this year. The best way to keep a defense honest is to be able to knock down outside shots.

They also had all kinds of trouble defending Juan Carlos Navarro and Pete Mickeal. Both of these players are very good and have done well in their European league, but Dwyane Wade and Lebron James they are not. If the Lakers can't stop Navarro and Mickael, they'll have a hard time against any NBA duo.

While LA clearly isn't in midseason form right now, this loss to FC Barcelona should certainly serve as a warning. They have some issues they need to work out. Would the result of this contest be the same if the two teams played six months from now? No way. However, this game provided the Lakers with exactly what a preseason game should provide: things to work on.

I still feel like the Lakers will win the title this year and Phil Jackson will earn his fourth "threepeat." The kind of performance they had today will not be enough against most NBA teams, but they know that more than any of us.

They'll be fine by the time the regular season starts. More importantly, they'll be ready to defend their titles when the playoffs start.

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