2010-11 NBA Preview: The Phoenix Suns, Star Wars and A New Hope for the Season

The tip off of the 2010-2011 season opener is upon us.  By many accounts, the outlook for Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns is bleak after their tough defeat to the Los Angeles Lakers in the conference finals preceded a tumultuous offseason.  Another group once faced similarly daunting odds—the Rebel Alliance from the Star Wars trilogy.  In fact, the parallels between the Suns and the heroic Rebels during the time of Return of the Jedi run deep.  How so?  Good of you to ask, because... 



Not that long ago, in an arena not that far away…. 


                                                           Episode XLIII
                                                  RETURN OF THE ORNG 

Steve Nash has returned to his home arena in Phoenix in an attempt to lead his team to the playoffs in a tough Western Conference. 

As he knows, the team has let Amar’e Stoudemire walk and brought in a host of players in an attempt to make another run at the NBA Finals. 

A difficult and uncertain future faces this small band of skilled players struggling to bring a championship to the desert…

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