2010-11 NBA Preview: OKC Thunder Poised to Dethrone Lakers?

Every decade a team rises to either threaten, or actually become a dynasty in the NBA. In the late 80′s, early 90′s it was Michael Jordan and his Bulls team that pushed for the better part of five years then ultimately took over the league for the better part of a decade, winning six titles in eight years.

In the mid to late 90′s it was a young Laker team led by Shaq and a dynamic cast of exciting players – most notably Kobe Bryant and Nick Van exel – that knocked on the door of supremacy for four years before breaking through with a triple crown to start the new millennium.

So it’s  natural to assume the OKC Thunder will be the team of this decade with a superstar talent in Kevin Durant,  stud sidekick in Russell Westbrook, and a supporting cast that boasts starter talent at every position except center. 

Considering  head coach Scott Brooks has an undeniable “it” factor it feels like this team is poised to rack up a few championships in the next five years or so.

But will they?

So much goes into becoming a dynasty. One breakout season does not guarantee one championship, let alone multiple ones.

Look no further than the Sacramento Kings teams of the early 2000′s.

Stacked with talent, swagger, and great coaching they never reached the pinnacle of NBA success.

A seasoned and still hungry Laker squad held them at bay long enough for the Maloofs to blow up the core and start from scratch. 

Look a little further out, and you’ll see the Portland Trailblazer teams of the late 90′s early 2000′s. 

It’s not even arguable those Trailblazer teams led by now Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen were among the most talented teams of all time.

A  six minute imperial melt down in game seven of the 2000 ...

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