2010-11 NBA Power Rankings, Fallen Out of Favor: Top 15 Stars Riding the Pine

The NBA is loaded with talented basketball players and some of them are not part of a starting five, because they have been relegated to the bench.   On other teams, some of these players could easily become starters.

The NBA team bench is not the most glamorous place to be.  It’s a place where hard work usually goes unnoticed by fans that usually reserve their accolades for the starting five.

Some of these players have fully accepted their supporting roles and the statistical disparity that goes with it, while other ego ridden stars are none too happy to be playing second fiddle.

Nevertheless, the supporting cast has an important role when it comes to game control and momentum situations, and all too often it’s the guys who come off the pine that inspire their team to victory.

Most of the bench players in the league are simply not good enough to make the starting five of any team. 

This slide show is not considering those players.  Instead, it will consider the NBA stars that are good enough to play on the starting five of many other teams in the NBA, just not their own.  But their contributions coming off the bench have been beneficial for their teams in ways that are sometimes difficult to quantify.

Indeed, sometimes it is impossible to extrapolate the true value these athletes have to their teams.  The synergy that a team like the L.A. Lakers exhibits between it’s starters and it’s bench is conducive to overall success.  It is perpetual motion in it’s highest form.  

Here, you will get a glimpse of the top 15 players buried on NBA benches that have fallen out of favor. 

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