1996-2010: Kobe Bryant’s 25 Greatest Games In The NBA

In his 15 year career Kobe Bryant has averaged 25.3 points on 45 percent shooting, but he has had some good games, some really good games. 

In my last story I wrote about Kobe's worst games of 2010. In this one I write about his greatest games EVER. I used a player production per minute method to get a number which shows how productive he personally was in individual games. It is close to Basketball References (Plyr. Sc.), which I invite any of you to check out.

I actually measured every single game (including playoffs) of KB's career to get this list. If he had a (Plyr. Sc.) of 37.0 or above it is on this list.

Kobe did this 25 times in in his career (only once in the playoffs)-—so these are his 25 greatest games ever. 

Oh by the way, Michael Jordan had above a 37.0 (Plyr. Sc.)—125 times in his career and 43 times in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But this isn't about MJ (aka GOAT)—It's about KB—one of the top 15 players ever.  

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