10 Things Every Fan Needs to Know About LA Lakers for 2013-14 Season

Welcome to the circus known as the Los Angeles Lakers.

The show you are about to experience over the course of the 2014 NBA season will be full of hope, promise and unexpected surprises. It’ll also be packed with swag, title hopes and a 268-pound man on a horse.

Let me recap L.A.’s offseason for you before we begin: Mike D’Antoni has a new and improved roster, Kobe Bryant is not a human being and Dwight Howard is gone.

That pretty much sums it up.

No one expects Los Angeles to do much in 2014. ESPN had the team ranked 12th in its Summer Forecast among teams in the Western Conference.

After a squad that was supposed to win a title struggled to reach the postseason in 2013, a team with virtually no expectations will shock the league and perhaps make a run in the playoffs.

But even before that happens, a lot will take place over the course of the Lakers’ season.

And it's my job to prepare you for this sure-to-be roller-coaster ride.

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