10 Reasons Why Kobe Bryant is Better Than LeBron James

The last month has afforded us some deep insight into the psyche of a city scorned. Cleveland may have some bitter resentment or even a tinge of murderous rage towards LeBron James. Trouble is, they created him. Before “The Decision”, James was, in many people’s minds, the best player in the NBA. The past month’s events have initiated a questioning of that fact. It only takes a brief look into the person closest to his skill set to see that James does not reign supreme. Magic and Bird were compared, Jordan to them, and Kobe Bryant to Jordan. It is a cycle that will never cease. Since the moment LeBron James took his talents to the NBA, he was measured up against the best. Here are ten reasons why Kobe Bryant holds the title of best player in the Association, and why LeBron remains comfortably in the number 2 spot. Begin Slideshow


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