10 for Zen: Top 10 Phil Jackson-Coached Teams of All-Time

If you were to ask former Bulls and current Lakers legendary coach Phil Jackson which team was his best, he probably would say it's like choosing a favorite child; you can never truly pick. Either that or he would coolly answer the question in Zen-like fashion with a tongue-in-cheek response like "2007 Lakers." Regardless of what his actual answer would be, we know one thing for certain about the greatest coach in NBA history: he changes his mind as often as he changes his underwear. When given this assignment, it was widely assumed that Jackson would step down as Lakers coach—giving me the optimum opportunity to capitalize on Jackson's retirement by giving a definitive list of the coach's greatest teams. However, with the announcement of Jackson's return for an 11th season on the Lakers bench, Phil's "last stand" provides him with an opportunity to further add to his legacy. His change of heart has changed this article from a path of reminiscing a fantastic legend's finished career into a celebration of continuation. A year from now, we could sit here and define Jackson's last stand as his greatest. But, as of now, here are the top 10 Phil Jackson coached teams of his illustrious career.Begin Slideshow


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