Would a Dustin Penner (or Ales Hemsky) Trade for Brayden Schenn Be Possible?

Brayden Schenn dominated the World Junior Championship.

He scored 18 points in only seven games, and he did it with a separated shoulder. Schenn was the clear MVP of the tournament and looks like he is ready to take the next step and play in the NHL.

The question is: Will the Kings have room for Schenn next season?

The Edmonton Oilers have two major holes in their roster. A legitimate first line center and a cornerstone defenceman. Having lost six of their last seven and with Shawn Horcoff, Ryan Whitney and Jordan Eberle all out of the lineup, it looks like the Oilers are destined for another lottery pick.

The problem is, unless Tambellini is able to acquire another top-10 pick, the team will likely only to be able to address one of these needs at the draft.

This is where Brayden Schenn comes in.

There were rumors swirling in the summer that Kings GM Dean Lombardi and Oilers GM Steve Tambellini were in discussion about a potential Dustin Penner for Jack Johnson swap. That deal, if it ever existed, looks to have fallen apart, and given Johnson's strong performance so far this season is unlikely to occur.

The Kings, however, are still very much in the market for a forward. Yes, they traded for Marco Sturm, but Marco Sturm is significantly older and significantly less talented than either Dustin Penner or Ales Hemsky.

The Oilers need a center, and LA needs a forward, so why not make a deal that satisfies both teams needs?

A straight-up Penner for Schenn swap (while ideal from an Oilers perspective) may not be possible. The Kings do have $4.4 million in cap space available and Penner's cap hit is only $4.25 million, and LA does have contracts coming off the books after this season, so the money would not be an issue.

If needed, Tambellini could swallow a contract to make the deal happen, say Ponikarovsky's, if Lombardi wanted some more room to pla...

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