The LA Kings’ 3 Most ‘Hollywood’ Personalities

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup in dominating fashion last season and are ready to let loose. Being based in L.A. makes living a Hollywood lifestyle a little easier. With the NHL locked out, the team's players have even more time to celebrate their big win.

Which players are the "most" Hollywood on the roster?


Drew Doughty

It's good to be Drew Doughty. He's 23, makes $7 million a year, just won the Stanley Cup, is one of the best players in hockey and lives in beautiful Los Angeles.

Not bad.

Doughty is known for loving to live it up, and who can blame him? With all that money, and now with the NHL on ice, he has the time. 

Doughty likes to hit the legendary bar and club scene in Los Angeles, but doing so has gotten him into trouble. He was investigated in connection to a rape case in June, but was cleared of any wrong doing.

Still, Doughty fits the Hollywood mold: talented, the long locks, rich and ready to have fun. 


Jonathan Quick

Jonathan Quick won the Conn Smythe trophy as the playoff's most valuable player, and he isn't shy about letting people know about it.

The first place Quick and some of his teammates took the Cup was to a bar in Los Angeles. He brought his Conn Smythe trophy as well.

Quick also has some celebrity friends, as he and L.A. convert David Beckham have hit it off (via Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports):

I got to meet David Beckham last night at a dinner and you know what, though, it was so cool to meet him. Not only because he's a big, big fan but … he's not a fan that's like, 'Aw, yeah, the Kings are winning.' I remember seeing him … we got absolutely [expletive]-stomped 8-2 by Detroit four years ago, and I remember seeing him there with his kids. So being able to meet him was pretty cool because you appreciate somebody like ...

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