Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012: Los Angeles Kings Will Continue Road Dominance

The Los Angeles Kings have had a tough schedule on their way to the Stanley Cup Finals as a No. 8 seed, but they haven't let that stop them, winning all eight road games during their postseason run. 

Their road dominance will continue to serve them well in the Finals, and they will start out the series in New Jersey to face the Devils for the first two games (Stanley Cup Finals Schedule, via

The funny thing about this Finals series is that the Devils have also been a strong road team, winning six games on the road. Because of the way both teams thrive on the road, it wouldn't surprise me to see this series be decided without a single home victory.

The likelihood that this happens is so slim you can hardly see it, but stranger things have occurred.

As I see it, the Kings have an edge over the Devils due to a couple of different reasons, the first being that they are fortunate enough to have the hottest goalkeeper in the NHL on their side, Jonathan Quick.

His playoff goals saved percentage of .946 boggles the mind, and his goals allowed per game, 1.54, is a full half-a-shot better than that of Devils' goalie Martin Brodeur (Quick's stats here and Brodeur's stats here, thanks to

Even more impressive is the fact that Quick gave up only 11 goals in the eight games the Kings played on the road.

As good as Brodeur is, he can't compete with numbers like that.

The second reason the Kings have an advantage is that they are far fresher than the Devils. The Kings have only played 14 games this postseason, while the Devils have labored in their previous series and have played 18 games.

Of course anything can happen now that we've hit the Stanley Cup Finals, but if I've learned one thing this postseason it's that you can't discount how well the Kings are playing on both offense and defense. 

They will continue to...

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