Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012: 9 Individuals Most Responsible for Kings Success

When and if the Los Angeles Kings stamp their one remaining victory required for the franchise’s first Stanley Cup, goaltender Jonathan Quick will almost certainly be summoned to collect the Conn Smythe Trophy.

There is much to be said behind that nearly forgone notion, much about Quick and much about a multitude of his skating mates. Although his 2012 playoff data and value does ultimately exceed that of his peers, they are owed no shortage of credit for supplying essential offensive support and preventing the opposition from pestering Quick more than they may wish.

With a Game 4 victory Wednesday night over the New Jersey Devils, the Kings could tie the 1988 Edmonton Oilers for the most efficient championship run in the league’s history under the current format. And for each of those 18 games, there could be a story worth telling for a different individual contributor.

But being the eighth-seeded team in the Western Conference, the Kings ought to understand and appreciate the concept of competitive selectiveness. Accordingly, let us settle for spotlighting nine men who have fueled this historic run.

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