Stanley Cup Finals: 5 Reasons Casual Fans Should Watch Kings vs Devils

The start of June is a great time on the sports calendar. 

Along with warm weather and girls in short shorts, sports fans are treated to the NBA Playoffs, NBA Draft, a Triple Crown threat, the French Open, the Euro Cup, and the Stanley Cup Finals. 

With so many options, how does the casual sports fan know what's worth watching and what's a guy opening envelopes veiled as sports? 

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have earned a reputation for being totally unpredictable and totally entertaining.

As evidence, the Devils entered the playoffs as the No. 6 seed. The Kings were the No. 8 seed. No matter who wins, they will become the lowest seeded team to ever win the Stanley Cup.

Also, 81 games have been played in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs so far. Twenty four of those games have been decided by an overtime winner, nearly 30 percent.  By comparison, only four out of the 71 NBA Playoff games have gone to overtime, less than 6 percent. 

As for horse racing, tennis, and soccer...we live in America, not Monte Carlo.

The Stanley Cup Finals are by far the most entertaining live sports on TV right now and here are five reasons why:

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