Stanley Cup Finals 2012: What the Kings Need to Do to Complete Sweep of Devils

One more win.

That is all that remains for the Los Angeles Kings to complete an astonishing playoff run and claim the Kings' first-ever Stanley Cup.

Is there anything the New Jersey Devils can really do to prevent the inevitable and deny the Kings something they have sought since they were created in 1967?

Probably not.

The Kings now hold a 3-0 series lead for the fourth consecutive series—a mind-boggling achievement for any playoff team, let alone a No. 8 seed.

On two prior occasions, the Kings could not close the deal and instead had to wait until Game 5—which suits them just fine as the Kings are undefeated on the road in the playoffs.

But this is different.

This is a chance for the Kings to hoist the Cup on their home ice, and anyone who knows anything about hockey knows what a huge deal that would be for this franchise and for a city that has really only had the Lakers to root for in a very long time.

Also, consider the fact that the Stanley Cup champion has not skated the Cup on home ice since the Ducks beat the Senators back in 2007 and skated the Cup just down the road from Los Angeles.

If you think that the Kings would not like to be the first team to do that since their Orange County rivals, think again.

For the Kings to complete the sweep, the main thing they need to do is maintain focus. They cannot allow themselves to get caught up in the moment, be satisfied with a 3-0 series lead and not play their best game of the season.

If you listen to the Kings comments after Game 3, as reported by ESPN, it is clear that they already understand this and are keeping things in perspective.

"We're almost where we're trying to go, but we haven't won anything yet," captain Dustin Brown told ESPN. "We know what we have a chance to do, though. Having an opportunity to win a championship here could get rid of a lot of frustrati...

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