Stanley Cup 2012: Los Angeles Kings Will Roll to First Title in Game 4

Nobody saw this coming.

The Los Angeles Kings were the eighth seed in the Western Conference. They hadn't been to the Stanley Cup since 1993 and didn't come into the playoffs particularly scorching.

But 17 postseason games and 15 wins later, the Kings are on the verge of winning their first Stanley Cup in franchise history (FYI: They've been around since 1967). 

The Kings host the New Jersey Devils in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday. They hold a 3-0 lead in the series after two overtime thrillers and a 4-0 shutout on Monday. If they win on Wednesday, they will actually upstage the Lakers in Los Angeles—at least for one season.

This will be one of the most improbable postseason runs in NHL history.

And it's not that they had an easy playoff schedule either. They had to go through the first-seeded Vancouver Canucks, second-seeded St. Louis Blues and third-seeded Phoenix Coyotes to get here.

Heck, they actually swept the Blues.

But as improbable as it may seem based on the franchise's less-than-illustrious history, the Kings will finally be crowned on Wednesday. 

Let's be clear: The Kings certainly weren't the most talented team in the postseason, but the team chemistry has been off the charts.

They have transformed into an entirely different team than the one in the regular season.

Sure, goalie Jonathan Quick had something to do with that, but it certainly hasn't been just him. The Kings have simply played at a different level altogether in the playoffs. Four Kings rank in the top 10 in postseason points.

Monday's 4-0 blowout was evidence enough that this team cannot be stopped. It is inevitable they will win the Stanley Cup.

When you're saying that about the Los Angeles Kings, you know the world has been turned upside down.


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