NHL Trade Deadline: Quiet Kings Get Jeff Halpern for Teddy Purcell, Draft Pick

Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi has not been too active leading up to Wednesday's 3 p.m. 2010 NHL trade deadline, as has been his M.O. during most trade environments.

Many speculated that the Kings were in the hunt for Ray Whitney of the Carolina Hurricanes, nicknamed "Wizard" for his offensive ability. There were some reports of offers made, but the two sides could not come to an agreement.

Same goes for the oft-mentioned Ilya Kovalchuk, who eventually found his way to New Jersey after a thousand rumors as to where he'd end up.

Again, there were reports that Lombardi made an offer or two, but it was not enough.

He did strike a deal to acquire center Jeff Halpern from Tampa Bay for Teddy Purcell and a third-round pick, though, the team announced.

This just goes to show that while Lombardi is active, he isn't jumpy. Lombardi consistently states that he has no interest in trading just to trade.

The former Sharks GM always says that, no matter what, he won't make a deal if he feels it would make the team worse. The Kings are no longer sellers, as they have had some success this year, the most of many recent years, and while a little bit of tinkering can help, too much can certainly hurt.

The most important thing in finding a player to bring in is "the right fit," as he so often puts it.

This refers to his abilities on the ice and whether they are something that can be useful in the way the team plays or that are lacking and needed for the team's system.

Mostly, though, it refers to the player's character.

Is he the type of player to put the team first and do everything he can to buy into the system and whatever it takes to help the team succeed?

Or is he the type of player to just play his game, demand playing time, and not try to get along with the guys in the locker room?

The camaraderie in the locker room is an intangi...

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