NHL News: LA Kings’ Dustin Penner Hurts Back Eating Pancakes

This story is both true and hilarious as Dustin Penner injured his back eating pancakes. No, he didn't injure his back on the ice or in the weight room; Penner is sidelined with an injury resulting from eating pancakes.

Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider had these quotes from Dustin Penner in a blog entry.

“Not bad. Better than yesterday. I woke up fine, sat down to eat and it locked right up. It never happened to me before. I couldn’t stand up. I was probably at the third stage of evolution. So my wife helped me get dressed, and then I drove to the rink here, to hope they could do some magic and get it opened up. Kinger [trainer Chris Kingsley] just looked at me and said, `Go home.’ So I got some treatment and went home.

 “Apparently it’s one of those mysterious things, where you can throw it out (from) sneezing. I just leaned over to dip into some delicious pancakes that my wife made. It’s just like it [the pain] wraps around you and squeezes. … So it was disappointing. Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident, and not something that’s going to become chronic.”

There really isn't much to say in this situation. Dustin Penner seems to get injured all the time. I have a feeling he is going to never live this one down. I wonder how much ribbing he is going to get from the players in the locker room over this injury.

Penner is set to become a free agent this offseason and I have a feeling that this won't help him in any way. If Penner gets injured from just eating pancakes, how can a team invest money to have him play a whole 82-game season.

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