Los Angeles Kings: Who Could Be the Top Left Winger For This Team?

The Los Angeles Kings are poised to make a run at Lord Stanley's cup during the playoffs this year.  They have the size, the speed and the scoring touch to make it all come together. 

If there is any concern to the mass of Kings' fans out there, it has to be the lack of a first line left winger.  Ilya Kovalchuk was that guy over the summer.  Everyone had him pegged to wear number 17 for the black, purple and silver. 

Now, with the Los Angeles Kings in a little bit of a tailspin, rumours are starting to heat up.  In this slideshow I will cover ten possible trade pick-ups for the Kings.  I would like to clarify that these are not necessarily rumors, they are just players that I think could fit in with the Kings.

I hope that you enjoy this slideshow.

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