Los Angeles Kings: When Will They Be Crowned?

Are the Los Angeles Kings bound for the Stanley Cup?

I can remember when Wayne Gretzky was a part of the Los Angeles Kings and demanded that the management pick up a 50 goal scorer, and a solid defenseman. When Gretzky's request wasn't made, the spiral downwards had begun.

Wayne Gretzky wanted no other ties with the Los Angeles Kings and was traded to St. Louis Blues on February 27, 1996. The Kings received Craig Johnson, Patrice Tardif, Roman Vorpat, and a first round draft choice in 1997.

None of these players resulted in any success with the Los Angeles Kings and the future of the franchise seemed extremely gloomy.

Fellow owners Phillip Anshutz and Edward P. Roski were stuck with a tough decision. The fact that they saved the team from bankruptcy was one thing. The next decision would be even tougher.

The decision that the owners had to make was to revamp the whole team. GM Sam McMaster was fired and former winger Dave Taylor was brought on board as the new general manager.

Dave Taylor announced at a press conference that it would take some time and patience before the Los Angeles area would see a successful team.

In 1999, a lot of things transpired in the Los Angeles Kings organization. The firing of head coach Larry Robinson and the hiring of Andy Murray occurred. A lot of criticism was made over the decision that Dave Taylor had made in regards to the firing of coach Robinson.

Nonetheless, Dave Taylor moved forward and started his carving and moulding of the new Los Angeles Kings.

Moreover, in moving towards the future, Dave Taylor acquired Zigmund Palffy and Brian  Smolinski in June 1999.

The team started to look a little more up to par with these new acquisitions but the biggest move and growth was yet to come!

In 1999, Anshutz and Roski moved the Los Angeles Kings from the Great Western Forum to the newly built Staples Ce...

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