Los Angeles Kings: Searching For An Identity at The Christmas Break?

Although no team has played 41 games this season, many media outlets consider the Christmas break to be the "half-way point" of the NHL season. 

By this point, each fan base has had the chance to see its team perform.  Through watching closely, fans are able to gauge the team's overall ability and playoff chances.

For fans of teams like the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins, there really is no doubt that your team will be making the playoffs.  Unless Sidney Crosby gets injured or Jimmy Howard starts playing like a minor league player, those two teams are locks.

After looking at the playoff locks, we move into the bubble teams.  The Los Angeles Kings are one of those bubble teams despite a large amount of preseason speculation calling for success. 

As a critic, writer and die-hard fan of the Los Angeles Kings, I can honestly say that I have been very disappointed with the team to this point in the season.  It's been tough to watch a roster that is set-up for success flounder. 

The Los Angeles Kings are currently sporting a 20-12-1 record for 41 points.  If they were to continue on that pace, the team would finish with roughly 102 points.  If it weren't for a season that exceeded everyone's expectations last year, I would think that most fans would find that to be an incredibly acceptable season. 

While all of these stats and points that the Kings are piling up sound really nice when you read about them, there is reason for concern with this team.

It is my feeling that the Kings are a team that is still searching for an identity. 

Is the team going to be an offensive powerhouse led by Anze Kopitar playing in front of a superstar goalie in Jonathan Quick? 

Is the team going to play incredible defensive hockey to stop opponents from getting goals?

What kind of team does this group...

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