Los Angeles Kings’ Blueprint to Repeating Last Year’s Postseason Magic

Last year when the Los Angeles Kings won it all, they had a lot of things going right for them. They had good goaltending, they were healthy and they were playing some of the best hockey of the season at the right time.

So far, 2013 hasn't exactly had the same feel to it. The team has had notable injuries and up-and-down goaltending, and hasn't seemingly hit its stride to close out the season. It's tough in a 48-game sprint, and this season was always going to feel a little bit off as opposed to others.

Regardless, the Kings are in a great position and can lock up home ice with some favorable results in the final few games. If they do, and if they want to emulate the results of last year, they are going to need a very clear blueprint of how to do it. 

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