Jonathan Bernier Trade Speculation: 7 Possible Destinations for LA Kings’ Backup

Jonathan Bernier has been the subject of much trade speculation over the past year after the Los Angeles Kings signed starting goaltender Jonathan Quick to a 10-year deal last season.

Bernier was quoted on Wednesday in an news article, saying:

I spoke with Dean at the end of the season, and he told me he can keep me there but also feels he kind of owed me the chance to be somewhere else (as a starter). So I guess we'll know in the next few weeks...I want to get to the next level to get a real chance to hopefully be a No. 1 somewhere...I'm sure the Kings will make the right decision. If I'm staying there, I'm staying there. If not, I'm ready for the challenge.

Bernier may not have the chance to "stay there" in Los Angeles, as CapGeek shows that the Kings only have nine forwards and five defenseman signed to the NHL roster for next season with just around $7.6 million in cap space.

As a restricted free agent, Bernier could command just under half of that on his next paycheck, so it may make more sense for Dean Lombardi to move him now.

Here are seven NHL teams that the Kings' backup goaltender could start for next season.

These teams will be ranked from lowest to highest per the report for how much they need a No. 1 goaltender for the coming season.

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