Drew Doughty: Is He the Next Bobby Orr?

In a little town in London, Ontario, a little boy had a dream.

Drew Doughty always dreamed of being an NHL player since he was a kid and his hockey idol was Wayne Gretzky. Doughty always knew that hard work and determination would eventually bring him to his destiny.

Getting drafted second overall in the 2008 draft marked new and hopeful things for the Los Angeles Kings.

Drew did not waste any time creating an impact in the National Hockey League. His bone crushing hits and quick feet allowed him to be heard around the League.

He has recorded 86 points in 163 games as a Los Angeles King and his numbers are doubling as the years pass.

Last year Drew Doughty recorded 59 points, more than doubling his rookie career. He also recorded seven points in his first playoff run for the Stanley Cup last year.

A lot of people ask who you can compare Drew Doughty to. I believe Doughty can be compared to Bobby Orr. Yes, I said it! Bobby Orr. He has the same speed and aggressiveness that Bobby showed earlier on in his career.

Bobby Orr recorded 72 points in his first two years as a Boston Bruin and turned that franchise into a legendary dynasty. Bobby Orr had finesse and grit! Drew Doughty shows these characteristics as well.

The Los Angeles Kings are extremely close to winning a Stanley Cup with Drew Doughty leading the way. I would say the Kings are about three years away from winning the Stanley Cup!

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