Does Robyn Regehr Trade Give LA Kings Enough to Defend 2012 Stanley Cup Title?

In 2011-12, the Los Angeles Kings got the gift of health. That gift was huge in the team making a postseason push that saw the franchise earn its first Stanley Cup.

It's not question that remaining injury free is huge in the NHL. If you look at the top teams in the league—Montreal, Chicago, Anaheim, Boston, Minnesota, etc.—MOST have stayed injury free. With a full roster and no nagging health issues in major names, postseason success is that much more attainable.

In 2013, the Los Angeles Kings haven't had the same pleasure of being injury free. While the losses of Matt Greene for nearly 80 to 90 percent of the regular season and Willie Mitchell now for the entire season don't seem like the most massive of losses, it has pushed the Kings in adding to their depth on the blue line.

The Kings system is ripe with puck-moving defenders and gritty two-way forwards, but the amount of stay-at-home defensemen who are ready and able to make the jump to the NHL just isn't there. Earlier in the season the Kings made a minor deal to pick up Keaton Ellerby. They also pushed young Jake Muzzin into the NHL full-time. 

Now they have gone a step further in adding to that depth at the deadline by picking up veteren presence Robyn Regehr. 

It's a minor move on the surface, but it brings the Kings something that has been missing from the blueline this season—stability.

Regehr is a hard-nosed player who won't contribute much in the way of offense, but his physical presence in his own zone and his sheer size in front of the King's net is something that the team has sorely missed since the departure of Matt Greene.

Last year the Kings' goals against per game and penalty kill were both Top Five. This year the team has floundered around 10th in the league in both categories, which is still very good. However, it was that sturdy, hard-nosed defending of the unsung heroes like Mi...

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