2010/2011 Los Angeles Kings: Is This the Real Jonathan Quick?

Over the summer, many Kings fans got used to hearing all about how the team wasn't happy with Jon Quick's performance in the playoffs against Vancouver. 

Maybe he didn't care as much as he should have? 

Maybe he just didn't want to play? 

I don't think either of those possibilities warrant any investigation. 

The truth lies in the fact that Jon played 72 Games last year.  I think that if you asked most coaches in the league, they would tell you that they would like to see about 60 games out of their number one guy.  72 games is crazy! 

I think that Terry Murray knows that, but he did what any coach would do in the heat of a playoff race.  He played his number one guy. 

Fast-forward to the playoffs last year, and you have a guy in Jon Quick who looks tired and worn out from all the playing time. 

This isn't a knock on Erik Ersberg (who I happen to really like), but Terry Murray needed to go with the guy that could get the job done for the Kings. 

Heading into this season, there really wasn't any doubt that Ersberg wouldn't be with the Kings this year.  The back-up job was Jonathan Bernier's to lose.  This guy has proven everything at the AHL level.  He was touted "the best goalie NOT playing in the NHL." 

Los Angeles Kings brass is really hoping that Bernier pans out for this team.  They used a high first round draft pick on him. 

If you look at the 2006 NHL Entry draft, there really isn't anyone that stands out after Bernier.  It appeared to be a no brainer to pick this kid!  Now he is going to get his shot as Quick's back-up for the 2010/2011 season. 

I'll be honest. I was one of the people that predicted that Bernier would overtake Quick as the Kings' number one goalie.  That being said, I didn't think it would happen until ab...

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