2010 NHL Free Agency: Oh Man, Not More Ilya Kovalchuk Updates

I hate this, I really do. This saga has more chapters than Star Wars.

I just want to see the guy signed, and honestly I do not really enjoy writing so many articles about one topic, but I think that people would like to know some updates because of course the whole world is holding their breath waiting for Kovalchuk (nope, that ship sailed July 3).

Speaking for myself, I would enjoy seeing Kovalchuk as a King, but my care for where he ends up has significantly dwindled.

It seems that he is close to becoming a King. I will stand by this, at least until New Jersey makes a significant trade (or a trade that moves money, which isn't always significant).

New Jersey does not have the cap space, and while teams are allowed to be $3 million over the cap a bit before the season starts, they still wouldn't have enough to fit him in.

Then if they can't move bodies in time for the season, they would be in a predicament.

The Kings and Kovy have continued talking. It wasn't just that one meeting a few days ago. It seems that Kings owners Phillip Anschutz and Edward Roski have been involved in some talks, and both owners and Kovalchuk would like to come to an agreement.

It's actually been reported that Los Angeles General Manager Dean Lombardi would like to sign Kovalchuk, but it's the owners and management that want to see a deal done.

Understandably so. The Kings are a great team, but the market there could still use some publicity. Drew Doughty will put a lot of butts in the seats, but a pure sniper like Kovalchuk would be big for the team.

Not to mention that Los Angeles is home to many stars that could bring some attention to the team. (I just pray that it doesn't end up like Chicago where we had to see Vince Vaughn after every. Single. Goal.)

Also the stardom that is Los Angeles could draw Kovalchuk in. Word was that his wife wants to sing, and if you want...

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