Peyton Manning is Back!

Denver has been the city of the doubtful this preseason, with the high anticipation of Manning’s return bringing some disappointing in the first two NFL  games. And although judging from the scoreboard alone you could say yesterday’s game was no different, it brought huge hope for the huge season fans are waiting for. That hope came in the form of Peyton Manning. 

Manning scored two touchdowns and finished 10 of 12 passes for 122 yards; and although most of his passes were not much to write Indianapolis about, the long 38-yard pass he threw to Lance Ball on the right sideline was.  And the 16-yard pass that he threw to Demaryius Thomas resulted in a field goal, proving there are no problems there either. It is plays like that, that if you are into Online Betting, you’ll want to keep Denver on your radar this season, it could be a very interesting season!

Manning’s first touchdown came when he threw a 10-yard touchdown to Eric Decker; and his second touchdown went to Decker as well. But while chemistry between these two has been easily found, the same cannot be said between Manning and Brandon Stokley. In the first half of the game Manning threw a shaky pass to Stokley and it resulted in an interception. And while his pass to Thomas was nice, there’s still something that seems not completely in sync there as well.

Peyton played just one quarter in Denver’s game against the 49ers; and it could well be a reason the Broncos didn’t win the game. Still, if his performance during those short 15 minutes is any indication at all, Denver fans will certainly have something to cheer about this year.

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