Why the Oakland Raiders Would be Better Off with Hue Jackson Than Tom Cable

This year, the Raiders were expecting playoffs come January. The team made great improvements in the offseason, the rest of the division was looking vulnerable and they had their easiest schedule in years.

This was enough to prompt Tom Cable to promise postseason play for the Raiders.

Unfortunately, with everything working in his favor, Tom Cable failed to deliver on his promise.

Now, with the end of another failed season approaching, whispers of Cable's demise are increasing. And one of the top candidates to replace him is offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. Actually, there have been whispers of Hue Jackson replacing Tom since the day Hue arrived in Oakland.

There are a number of reasons Hue Jackson is one of the top candidates to replace Tom Cable.


Hue Jackson's offensive philosophy revolves around the power running game and a vertical passing attack. His mentality is to bully the defense with the running game. He doesn't care if the defense knows exactly what their gonna do, they aren't going to stop it.

Unfortunately, the Raiders don't have the personnel, especially on the offensive line, to run this kind of offense. And it has showed occasionally with runs stuffed at the line of scrimmage.

The second part of his offensive style is the vertical passing game. Setting up the play-action and sending receivers on vertical routes taking strikes deep down the field.

As far as receivers go, the Raiders have the the perfect personnel to execute this kind of offense.

This team is two new starters on the offensive line away from being a perfect match to Hue Jackson's style of offense.


In order to be a successful coach in the NFL it is imperative that you have experience as a coordinator first.

Unlike Tom Cable, Hue Jackson has experience coaching nearly every aspect of the offense, includin...

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