Why the Oakland Raiders May Not Draft a Quarterback in 2014

At first, the idea that the Oakland Raiders won’t draft a quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft seems extreme. If your first response to the idea is to mumble “ridiculous” under your breath at a volume loud enough that your neighbor in the next cubicle can hear it, well, that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

The Raiders haven’t had a franchise quarterback since Rich Gannon. Even then, Gannon was a journeyman who arrived at the ripe age of 34 and only had three great seasons during his time in the silver and black. After a disastrous 2013, Matt Schaub doesn’t seem like the long-term answer.

Many teams need a franchise quarterback, but the Raiders need one for the sanity of their fans.  Despite many attempts to draft a franchise quarterback, the Raiders have failed repeatedly. It’s no wonder the franchise is 130-190 since the start of free agency 20 years ago.

All the facts are there and there is certainly a need, but ignoring the quarterback position in the 2014 NFL draft is still probably the team’s best move. No one factor makes it a good move, but collectively there are a number of reasons.

Among the factors is the strength of the 2014 quarterback class, the trade for Matt Schaub, the number of draft picks (or lack thereof) and the organizational structure. None of them would prevent the Raiders from taking chances at the end of the draft, but that may not be the wisest use of draft picks on a team stuffed with veterans on short-term contracts.


The 2014 Quarterback Class

One of the worst-kept secrets of draft season is that the Raiders like Derek Carr. David White of The Fresno Bee reported that the Raiders have a “massive crush” on Carr, but not enough of one to take him No. 5 overall.

If the Raiders want Carr, they will have to jump through several hoops to get him if they aren’t willing to take...

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