Why the NFL Should Kick the New Kickoff Rule to the Curb

Despite the far more important issue of whether there will be football next year, the NFL has instead decided to put their focus on making some ridiculous rule change suggestions for the next football season.  No rule changes are more ludicrous than the one regarding kickoffs being moved up to the 35 yard line and touchbacks moved up to the 25 yard line.

The NFL says that this rule is due to “safety concerns,” yet the only thing this rule is bound to do is to make kickoffs some of the most boring plays instead of the exciting ones, which some truly talented players help them be. 

Teams with strong legged kickers will be able to boot the ball for a touchback on nearly every kickoff and most coaches would rather have a player take a touchback and a sure start at the 25 yard line if the ball isn’t booted out of the endzone...oh how exciting!

Why ruin some of the most electric plays in the NFL?

Who doesn’t remember the line, “Devin Hester you are ridiculous!” after he returned a kickoff for a touchdown?

And to all the Raider fans, what about Jacoby Ford, the next big Raider superstar, taking it to the house on three separate kickoffs last year?

These memorable and electric moments in the game of football will all but be eliminated, and I for one think it would be a shame for both the incredible players who create those plays and the fans to miss out on some of the most spectacular and memorable plays that they will witness on a football field.

Now do not misread this and think that I want to see these plays at the health of the players, for that's the last thing I or any other fan would want.  But injuries happen on some of the strangest and "flukiest" plays, and are also an unavoidable circumstance in any contact support. 

So please, let the players play the game the way it was meant to be played and realize that injuri...

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