Why Oakland Raiders Absolutely Must Draft Sharrif Floyd

The 2013 NFL draft is just around the corner, and for the first time in what seems like far too long, the Oakland Raiders actually have a first-round selection at their disposal. 

As many analysts and fans alike would certainly attest to, the Raiders’ best-case scenario would be to find a trade-down partner, and even multiple at that. 

At this point, given the uncertainty with not only this year’s top ten but the entire first round as well, that idea seems quite unlikely. As such, pre-draft projections and predictions must operate under the assumption that the Raiders will indeed stay in their original spot at third overall. 

What they choose to do with that first-round pick, as well as the rest of the draft, will go a long way to determining the direction that this new regime is taking the franchise. 

Given the moves that have been made thus far this offseason, both additions and subtractions, the Raiders’ ideal pick is Florida DT Sharrif Floyd. 

When it became apparent that both Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly wouldn’t be in silver and black in 2013, the defensive tackle position became one of the roster’s most glaring holes. 

Some very solid and underrated signings of Pat Sims and Vance Walker have somewhat eased that need, but adding a potentially dominant force to that new rotation inside is something that the Raiders cannot afford to pass up. 

Sharrif Floyd has established himself as an elite NFL prospect, projecting to be a 3-technique defensive tackle. It is here that he will best put to use his pass-rush skill that sets him apart from the others at his position in the draft. 

Floyd possesses the necessary size, strength and quickness to be an effective player against both the pass and run, and that versatility will be important for the Raiders to build around. 

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