Why Don’t More Raider Ladies Write Articles Voicing Their Opinions?

Is there some type of conspiracy on sports websites like Bleacher Report? Why don't more women voice their opinions by writing articles on Bleacher Report?

There are a decent number of young female editors who review my articles. There have been some great writers who happened to be women who have posted outstanding articles and opinions, from time to time.

Lately, few women seem to have high visibility on the Oakland Raiders page?

Granted, there are those who write harsh comments, but toughen up and ignore those folks and write your opinions and facts, Raider ladies.

It seems to me that the presence of female writers has diminished on the Bleacher Report.

There have been times that comments use "man," and "guy," for example.

Think about it: If all of the women refuse to attend games in the stadium, then what would happen to the franchise? The Oakland Raiders will never overcome the blackouts if the women are not encouraged and welcomed.

A prototype of a welcoming spirit would be to see more women publish their articles, and more presence on the front pages of Bleacher and other pages.

One day, I actually did research to see how many women were in the top ten writers in all 32 team pages. At the time of that count, there was only one. Of course, if women are using "male" pen names, then it would not be an accurate count.

Everybody knows the old phrase, "It takes two to tango." We need more soprano and alto voices in this choir of fans that celebrate the victories and growth of the Oakland Raiders.

One thing some of us remember is that the women are certainly at the parties and clubs after the games. So, why don't they tell their stories of their encounters with some of the outstanding players?

It just seems odd to me that so few women are expressing themselves on certain team pages.

What do you think? What's the problem...

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