Who Will Be the Oakland Raiders’ Most Improved Player in 2015?

A successful season for the Oakland Raiders must be spearheaded by a blend of rookies, sophomores and transitional players.

According to ESPN reporter Bill Williamson, the Raiders have signed a league-high 10 players via free agency. Furthermore, Oakland still has some vital roster spots to fill headed into the draft, specifically at wide receiver, defensive end and guard.

As for the players currently on the roster, Trent Richardson has the highest potential for a breakout season.

Ironically, at a time running backs are said to be devalued and players like Steven Jackson are lobbying to "save the running back," per USAtoday.com writer Nina Mandell, the Raiders could receive a powerful boost from an RB that has been labeled a bust thus far.

As the last RB drafted in the overall top five, Richardson’s struggles have been magnified and rightfully so. It’s not often a team gives up on an overall No. 3 pick that was brought in to rejuvenate the offense.

Richardson’s second stop with the Indianapolis Colts didn’t end well either. The two sides parted ways in the offseason, sending Richardson to the free-agent market. According to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, Richardson felt he just didn’t fit in with the direction of the organization:

"Me and the GM didn’t see eye to eye. My next step, I’ll be the starter. Indy didn’t fit me,” Richardson said.

Richardson acknowledged that he was fined repeatedly for being overweight, although he says he was only three pounds heavier than the 227 pounds the Colts asked him to weigh.

"I was continually fined for being 230 pounds,” Richardson said.

The Colts failed to accentuate Richardson's skill set. The Raiders should look to capitalize by handling the RB a little differently.


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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders