Who Are Experts Predicting to Oakland Raiders in 1st Round of the NFL Draft?

As the draft draws nearer, the options for the Oakland Raiders' fourth overall pick are becoming clearer. Oakland addressed several needs through free agency, but there are still some glaring needs on the roster. The best way to address them now is through the draft.

When it comes to predicting who the Raiders should take with the fourth overall pick, there's a clear theme evident across all the mock drafts: Oakland should either take a wide receiver or a defensive lineman.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the team goes in a completely different direction. There's also the possibility that the Raiders trade down, in which case the entire draft plan changes.

But for now, the assumption is that Oakland stays at the top of the draft—or the very least near it. This, along with the help the team needs at wide receiver and in the pass rush, dictates the projections.

Here's a look at what experts think Oakland will do with the fourth overall pick.

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