Which Loss Was Bigger for the Oakland Raiders, Nnamdi Asomugha or Zach Miller?

The 2011 Oakland Raiders will be without two of their stars from last season. Nnamdi Asomugha and Zach Miller have moved on and the Raiders will be hard pressed to fill the talent gap left in their respective wakes.

Will Asomugha or Miller have the bigger impact on the Raiders this season?

Zach Miller has the larger statistical impact. In his first four seasons in the NFL, Miller caught 226 passes for 2,712 yards and 12 touchdowns. Miller led the Raiders in catches, yards and receiving first downs each of the last three seasons. Miller was the one constant in the Raiders' passing offense in his four years in Oakland. Despite having a number of substandard quarterbacks (Campbell excluded), and poor receiving threats (ahem, DHB), Miller always managed to have a big impact on every game he played.

Nnamdi Asomugha's impact is less apparent on paper. Despite having only 11 career interceptions, Asomugha is widely regarded as the best shutdown corner in the NFL. In 2006 he intercepted eight passes and ever since, no one throws his way.

Asomugha's been named All-Pro each of the last three years, although he combined for only 93 tackles, one forced fumble and two interceptions in that time period. Asomugha is a game changing defender who forces opposing quarterbacks to think not once, not twice, but three times about throwing his way.

Both Asomugha and Miller were key players on the Raiders. But which will be missed more?

Asomugha went to the NFC East Eagles while Miller went to the NFC West Seahawks. Neither team plays the Raiders this year, or any other AFC West teams. Miller and Asomugha will need to wait until the Super Bowl before hurting the Raiders this year.

In terms of universally recognized talent, Asomugha is a few years ahead of Miller. If asked which one has a better chance of being enshrined in Canton one day, Asomugha is the obvious choice. But talent is not the deciding fa...

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