What to Do When Your Team Has Already Been Eliminated from Playoffs

For many of us, the holiday months of November and December can mean a couple of things: A great time to catch up with family, or a sobering time of reflection on our floundering sports teams.

As a Oakland native, transplanted in San Diego, the past decade has been full of broken promises and shattered dreams.

But every time I start to feel like I don't stand a chance of seeing a trophy hoisted, I think of how it must feel to be a Cubs fans, or worse, a Cleveland native.

What's it like to be a fan of Detroit teams, where the past 10 years have bolstered an 0-8 record in the World Series, and a perfect shut-out season in the NFL?

What about the past 10 years in Texas, where the Rangers have lost back to back title games, and the Cowboys last chance at glory ended in a muffed snap by Tony Romo?

All cities can't be as successful as San Francisco as of late, or experienced success like Boston. But then again, at least you haven't suffered heartbreak like being an Oakland fan, where making the playoffs is dubbed as a "miracle season," or a "magical run."

So let's look at some activities that most of us can take on in this time of bleak circumstances.

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