What Potential Charles Woodson Signing Would Mean for Oakland Raiders

As the Charles Woodson sweepstakes have heated up, the odds of the Oakland Raiders landing one of the all-time fan favorites has, unfortunately, declined.

Just because it's unlikely, though, doesn't mean it's impossible.

After Josina Anderson of ESPN tweeted last week that Woodson had received an offer from Oakland last week, hopes in Raiderland began to rise.

Then, Woodson left a visit with the Denver Broncos without a deal.

And then, as if things couldn't get any better, Woodson scheduled a visit to Oakland for next Tuesday to meet with team and front office officials, according to his agent:

But with all of this news coming down the wire, is Woodson returning to Oakland really a good thing?

Can he really still help the team?

In short, the answer is a definitive yes.

Obviously, the biggest reason many want Woodson back is because of the name recognition and because of the memories many have of No. 24 in the silver and black.

On a greater scale, however, I think the biggest thing Woodson offers Oakland is hope.

Ever since general manager Reggie McKenzie took over two years ago, Oakland has been in rebuild mode—and it's not McKenzie's fault.

With massive contracts littering the roster, McKenzie has cut big names and signed no-names. Of course, some, like Phillip Wheeler from last season, panned out spectacularly.

The point, though, is that McKenzie hasn't had the chance to ink a difference-maker. To sign a guy we've heard of and to give the fanbase some hope.

Despite his age, that's exactly what Charles Woodson represents.

It's a short-term reminder that the Oakland Raiders are, in fact, interested in winning football games and not just saving money.

It's a reminder that this is a franchise capable of signing big-name players and making an impact on the league.

Of course, Cha...

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