What Does the Future Hold for Terrelle Pryor?

Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor is now a backup quarterback—at least that’s the case this week. But if new starter Matt McGloin performs well again on Sunday, it could be indefinite.

Pryor is at a crossroads in his young career and is in danger of slipping into obscurity. If McGloin has another solid outing against the Titans, Pryor’s time as a starter in the NFL could be gone for good.

Just six weeks ago, Pryor looked like he could be the long-term answer at quarterback for the Raiders, but his future is now murkier than the waters of the San Leandro Bay.

After beating out Matt Flynn in the preseason and performing well over the first month of the season as a passer and runner, Pryor’s passing production dipped. And this was even before he was sidelined with a sprained MCL, a knee injury which certainly didn’t make things any easier on him.

In many ways, Pryor’s future is in his own hands. Even though he is not in control of who starts, how McGloin performs or what plays are called when and if he gets another chance to prove himself, he is in control of how he responds to going from starter to backup.

Before Pryor can think about reclaiming the starting job, however, he needs to get healthy. He’s been a limited participant at practice the last two days and could be healthy enough to be active on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, but even a minor knee sprain can linger.

Getting healthy is undoubtedly the message he’s received from the team. He needs to be able to use his legs to supplement some of his limitations as a passer. Running will probably always be a part of Pryor’s game, just as it is for Michael Vick, and such players typically need healthy knees to be effective.


The Immediate Future

In the short term, Pryor needs to be a good teammate and a helpful resource for ...

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