What Does Terrelle Pryor Have to Prove on Sunday?

The Oakland Raiders head into Sunday’s season finale against the Denver Broncos hoping to get their final evaluation of quarterback Terrelle Pryor. After six games with undrafted rookie free agent Matt McGloin as the starting quarterback, the Raiders have turned back to Pryor, who was their Week 1 starter.

Despite having nine career starts under his belt, Pryor still has a lot to prove.

Given that Pryor’s third season in the NFL will come to an end on Sunday, the start could dictate his future at the quarterback position and his status next season with the Raiders. If Pryor isn’t effective as both a runner and passer, it’s conceivable that he will never get another start at the NFL level—particularly not with the Raiders.

It’s just too unclear if Pryor can ever be an effective passer in the NFL. For a short time after Pryor’s first start against the Broncos in Week 3, he did look like he had that ability. A midseason slump by Pryor thereafter erased the positive vibes and was as much the reason McGloin retained the starting job as Pryor’s knee injury.


Passing Efficiency

In his first four starts, Pryor was an efficient passer. In his last four starts, Pryor was an inefficient passer. Pryor’s ability to run remained regardless of how good or bad he was at throwing the ball.

Pryor completed 68.2 percent of his passes in his first four starts and just 50.8 percent in his last four. Quickly, Pryor went from being one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league to being one of the least efficient quarterbacks in the league.  

There were some red flags in those first four games; notably a lack of passing attempts, touchdown passes and passing yardage. At the time, Pryor’s rushing ability seemed to excuse the lack of yardage even though it didn’t totally close the gap.


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