Week 6 Waiver Wire: Jason Campbell and 3 Studs in Fantasy Bargain Bin

By now you have more than one player that is battered, another may be beaten, and still another is enjoying a bye week. Jason Campbell is just one fantasy player that will get you through the whole mess. 

We have reached a trying point in the season to get positive value off the scrap heap that is the waiver wire. That does not mean it's a hopeless endeavour. 

There are still some very good deals to be had on the open market. All you have to do is get to digging. You better have some courage as these players will take a ton when you start them this weekend. 

However, it will be fine. The next few players will have you winning this week. Trust will go a long way with Jason Campbell and his waiver-wire friends.


1. Jason Campbell

If you are looking for consistency, you have come to the right place. Campbell led a high-octane Raiders offense that will continue to put numbers on the board. 

Campbell is still available largely for his trouble switch accuracy. This guy will throw picks, but he also throws touchdowns. His mixed bag day last weekend still gave him 17 points in Yahoo Leagues. 

If you are hurting for a quarterback in Week 6, Campbell should have a solid game against the Browns at home Sunday. Available in 30% of Y! Leagues


2. Alex Smith

Both Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers have been pleasant surprises in 2011. My only worry for Smith owners is the matchup against the Detroit Lions in week 6. 

Smith has proved consistent to this point, so the last two weeks of 21 and 24 points may take a hit, but not much. It's time to believe in the 49ers and their budding quarterback. Available in 17% of Y! Leagues


3. Jake Ballard

The New York Giants tight end has won over Eli Manning in whom he chooses to target from here on out. He has three catch...

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