Week 6 State Of Raider Nation: 49ers Week

If you have followed the Raiders in recent years, the one constant has been their inconsistency.

If you are a gambler, probably no team in the league has stung you quite like the Raiders.

Going back to last season, the Raiders salvaged their young season with a win against an NFC contender in the Eagles. The following week, the Jets came to Oakland having lost three in a row. The game was lost in four minutes, and the result was a 38-0 beating from a rookie quarterback.

The 2010 team just ended the streak of all streaks with their first win in 14 tries against San Diego.

Is the team due for another letdown?

Historically, the answer is yes.

Here's why the Raiders are seven point underdogs to the 0-5 Niners:

They haven't played a solid four quarters of football since the season began. In fact, even their wins came with two terrible quarters to St. Louis and San Diego.

There actually isn't a lot for the coaches to hang their hat on at this point. Other than the running game, nothing has been consistent. If the Chargers had managed to hold on and win, there would not be a hotter seat than the one of Tom Cable.

The defense has disappeared and reappeared all season. The run defense has been Jekyll and Hyde while the secondary has never looked worse than it did in Sunday's win.

The one question everyone is asking: If the Raiders are not blitzing safeties, where are they? They certainly haven't bailed out Stanford Routt to this point.

Here's the solution if you're Tom Cable and John Marshall. Assume that you're fired. If the team misses the playoffs at 8-8 or 3-13, it will not matter. You guys are getting canned.

The team can no longer rush four and leave its corners in man coverage.

Everyone loves Darrelle Revis. Let's see Revis Island stay above water if the Jets rush the same four linemen every play.

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