Week 1 Power Rankings Analysis: AFC West

The Week 1 power rankings are out on ESPN. Though these rankings usual don't hold much weight with those who closely follow the NFL, as most the time they are based solely off record and hype, it is nice to see what analysts think of you team.

As usual, the AFC West is being being forgotten about. Every team is 10 or below, even though this division showed over the last couple years that they are one of the better divisions in football. Must be that East Coast bias!

Take a Look:

Non-Conference Record:

2010: 9-7

2009: 8-8 (Against the NFC East. The "toughest division in football")

Maybe once everyone starts to notice the loads of young talent this division has, they will start to recognize the juggernaut of a division these four teams will be down the road.

But for now, lets take a look at the rankings ESPN put up and where the AFC West teams should actually be placed...  

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