Waving a Banner of Victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday

Someone told me that a president of a company asked that his priest visit his corporation and speak a few words over the territory.

That sounded good, until the rest of the story.

In the next few days, that same president laid off fifteen people exactly one week before Thanksgiving. All I have to say is, "What a way to go...a few days before the holidays."

Well, the Oakland Raiders need a little power to become victorious on Sunday, Nov. 27 when they clash with the big, bad Chicago Bears. A victory during this holiday weekend would be a "thank you."

That means the Oakland Raiders are showing signs of renewal and restoration.

Our weeping has endured for about seven years, and now we are ready for the joy of victory to come at this stage of the 2011 season.

Many of us are pleading the case for the Oakland Raiders to triumph over their opponents, because this is a very good year to do so. Since some of us believe that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning, we want this Sunday to be that morning for the Oakland Raiders.

We want our weeping to stop. We want back-to-back victories. We need 2011 to be a victorious year for the Oakland Raiders. We need a victory for the Raider Nation, worldwide and for the area contiguous to Oakland, California.

We need to believe that our depth chart is so powerfully structured that even though there are many injuries plaguing our starters, our men in the supporting roles will come forth and give us those victories.

We appreciate what Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford, Jason Campbell and others bring to the playing field.

We plead for their speedy recovery.

Now, we are pulling for Michael Bush and some of those eager rookies. Let them suit up and get to the playing field to fill the gaps that may be created by the absence of the starters.

Go forth Oakland Raiders! Win the game so we can wave a...

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