Vince Young: Would He Fit Well with the Oakland Raiders? Yes, Says One Fan

The Oakland Raiders have such a fine reputation for giving a gifted player a chance to demonstrate his worth that one fan wants Vince Young to join the team.

Longhorn Fan says, "Al Davis, Vince Young is your man." He continues,"Oakland is just the environment to allow Vince to play at his highest level.  If he were in a place like Oakland, with a good offensive-minded coach like Hue Jackson, then the Raiders would benefit greatly."

Also, Longhorn Fan notes that the Tennessee Titans did not make full use Young's gifts. The reason why he says this is because on numerous occasions Jeff Fischer demonstrated a lack of full trust and commitment to his quarterback, Vince Young. As most readers know, you cannot excel at any task if you are constantly looking over your shoulder, and this was no difference for Vince.

Another reason why Young would excel at Oakland is because Oakland has a strong running game. Young does well in that type of environment. When he was at Tennessee, teams had to pick their poison between Chris Johnson and Vince Young. Although Vince gets very little credit, he was a large reason for Chris Johnson's running success. His presence on the field would translate to similar productivity for Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

Jason Campbell is a good quarterback; however, he does not possess the talent or skill when compared to Young. Campbell is not the running threat that Young is, nor is he as accurate in the passing game. He has improved since arriving from the Washington Redskins and joining Oakland, but let's face it, if Oakland wants to make it to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl the team needs to be strengthened at every level.

Longhorn Fan says, with a smile, "Campbell would be a quality backup for Vince."

Note: Longhorn Fan has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas, Austin; Masters in Business Administration from Rice U...

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