Trevor Scott Is NOT The Raiders Best Linebacker

Trevor Scott had usurped Thomas Howard as the Raider's starting linebacker much to my dismay and other sane followers of Oakland Raider football. There are reports from local Bay area "newspapers" that Howard is somehow grateful to be sitting behind someone who is not even a natural linebacker.

Scott is an excellent sack-master, and well, an excellent sack-master who has been playing out of position with the NFL's new DE/LB-hybrid thing they got going on. Scott is strictly a situational player and should not hold up two positions as one player. There is no logic for Howard to be sitting on the bench as the fastest hard hitting, pass covering LB in the league.

I know that money has been behind the majority of the Raiders major decisions of late, but this is just preposterous. I expect that if the Raiders want to win this year, Howard will manage to crawl back into the starting lineup. But as most of you know, I do not trust Tom Cable as his decision making has been atrocious as the Raiders leader and official spokesperson...

If you think that Howard should start, please write to Tom Cable and Co. at 1700 Bozo Lane Alameda, CA.

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