Top 10 Sports Road Trip Destinations in the West

"Road trippin', road trippin', we're not happy unless we're road trippin'."

The above should be the official anthem for any adventurous sports fanatic.

Yeah, spectating at games locally is a delight, but there's a whole nation out there, filled with wildly entertaining and historically significant venues that dot the landscape from coast to coast and everywhere in-between.

So, get out there and find them. But before departure, use the following as your guide.

There are any number of great sports road trip destinations that await you, but we had to draw the line somewhere.

For us, 100 seemed like a nice, round number, including 10 apiece from 10 distinct regions around the U.S.

This particular slideshow is dedicated to the West Region, where Golden Bears, Giants, two of the best courses in California, and even a Black Hole take a back seat to one of the most famous boxing venues around.

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