Tom Cable, Please Don’t Go: 5 Reasons Oakland Raiders Should Retain Him

Speculation is rampant that Tom Cable could be let go after the season. After all, Raiders owner Al Davis expected playoffs this season. Surely Coach Cable promised playoffs. However, the Raiders are eliminated from the division at 7-8 with the Chiefs clinching the AFC West Sunday.

Now what? Assume the Raiders win in Kansas City (they will). They break even at 8-8 and have had their best season in seven years.

This might be Al Davis' roster, but they are Tom Cable's players. Each player truly believes that Cable is the guy for the next few years.

The Raiders are only a made field goal, a healthy Darren McFadden and a botched challenge (see Jacksonville: wasted challenges) from being 10-4 right now. And that's disappointing.

Tom Cable isn't an X's and O's guy, but he's a great motivator and a player's coach. Here are five reasons he should be retained.

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